Apostolic Church of the Golden & Rosy Cross

Welcome to the Apostolic Church of the Golden & Rosy Cross.

The Church is descended from the Pre Nicene Ecclesia of +Richard, Duc de Palatine. Richard consecrated two bishops, +Stephan Hoeller who runs the Gnostic Church based in Los Angeles, and Count +George Boyer, who ran the Pre Nicene Ecclesia until his death, and was succeeded by his wife +Leila Boyer who, on her passing, passed the Church to +Michael N. Buckley.

After +Michael Buckley succeeded +Leila Boyer as the head of the Pre Nicene Ecclesia. +Michael N. Buckley appointed +Piers A. Vaughan as the Patriarch of the Apostolic Church of the Golden & Rose Cross. +Michael N. Buckley also appointed +Piers A. Vaughan as a Bishop in the Pre Nicene Ecclesia for the See of New York.

Confirmation of +Piers Vaughan as Patriarch of the ACGRC.

The Church has a small number of bishops, priests and deacons in the United States, and, while a completely independent Church,  has a close tie with the Martinist Order of Unknown Philosophers (MOUP). Gnostic in outlook, its clergy provide the Mass, Blessings, Weddings, Baptisms, Healings and Funeral Services. It also operates the Healing and Teaching Order of Ss. Michael & Raphael; while an influx of Rosicrucian currents empower it to to offer a number of other healing ministries.

The Pre Nicene Ecclesia is a standalone Gnostic Church, and is not connected to any other Order, except for the Healing and Teaching Order of Ss. Michael & Raphael, and as such, is a Church that is open to all.

In the near future it hopes to offer courses based on traditional ecclesiastical training, but with a strong emphasis both on gnostic and ecumenical education, as well as providing access to the prodigious teachings of Palatine and Boyer.

The Church has a particular devotion to the Divine Feminine and to healing, as exemplified by the symbol of the Blessed Virgin, as avatar, symbol, human, and successor to all religions which recognize the importance of Sophia and the balance of the two great currents.

‘Virgin Mary, after the mosaics in Ravena’: watercolor by Roxane Lobanov-Rostovsky

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